This travel guide is written in the perspective of its own world.

Aseritonum is one of the many countries in its associated world that uses griuskant as its official language. Like many places in the world, both magic and technology are utilised widely. It is known for being the origin of the discovery of skaedrous. Although it is geographically located far away from other notable lands, it is actually a very connected place on the waypoint plane, receiving numerous international travellers regularly. Its capital is eraethysoer.

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Area:~40 oelzialgaen
Population:More than 1015

There are 4 hyper-regions in aseritonum: ashenford, eridius, itthalgar and onumyz. Their borders are determined by skaedrous values instead of extra dimensional coordinates on a map. All hyper-regions feature varied landscapes, though some appear to be more common in certain regions. It mostly has 4 seasons, except areas with different climates.

Ashenford ashenford
Ashenford /'ashənfɔrd/, with its lush countrysides and classic architecture, prefers the natural and simple ways. Ancient castles refurnished as multipurpose halls and unchanged traditional ceremonies through generations of wizardry are a testament to this region preserving its rich heritage. Those who live in ashenford uphold honour, legacy and authority. Curiously, ashenford kept a number of cross-universe books as a large archive of their literature resource.

Sceneries in ashenford.
Eridius eridius
Eridius /'əridius/ is the most advanced hyper-region in aseritonum. Complex technology is relied on often for routine tasks, backed by generators harnessing quantum supernatural etherodynamic interactions and particles. Fully self-sustainable skyscrapers and automated vehicles on public lines are common sights here. The successful residents of eridius are at the pioneering forefront of progress, innovation and equality.

Buildings in eridius.
Itthalgar itTalgar
It is rumoured that there are many more shopping centres and hotels in itthalgar /'itθalgar/ than anywhere else in the country. Gift boxes, personal accessories and vintage collections form part of the presence here. Distinct stylized advertisements on room-sized posters surround the united crowds who display much diversity, teamwork and peacefulness. Itthalgar has one of the few access points in the world to narou, a country lacking in magic.

A city in itthalgar.
Onumyz onumYz
Onumyz /'ɔnumYz/ is the least densely populated hyper-region in aseritonum. There usually isn't a single description for the various locations in this hyper-region, ranging from cities powered by crystal energies to levitating geometrical structures in the sky. In some sites, songs can be heard whispering through the air of hinterlands while pictures can be drawn from the colours of sprouting paintbrushes that grow from the ground. The dreamlike otherworldly vibes in onumyz seem to embrace freedom, creativity and individuality.

A walk path in onumyz.

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