Griuskant is a conlang for a fictional world that includes magic and technology as well as contemporary yet surreal themes. It has agglutinative morphology, SVO word order, trigger alignment, head-final phrases and a phonemic alphabetic conscript. Other features include affixations, prepositions, regular stress, no definiteness, no tenses and no agreement conjugations.

One of the many countries in its associated world that uses griuskant is aseritonum.
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Classification:Conworld language
Word order:SVO
Conscript:Alphabet (phonemic)
Revision:2020 update
Phonology ____________________

Plosivep, bt, dk, g
Fricativef, vθs, zʃ, ʒɣh
Affricatetʃ, dʒ

There are 10 diphthongs that natively appear in griuskant, though triphthongs can also be formed with gliding diphthongs.
/ai au ia iɔ iu ɔi ɔu ua ui ei/

(C)(C)(C)V(V)(V)(C)(C)(C) for each syllable, as a theoretical maximum. CCVVCC is the usual configuration.
Stress is always on the first syllable of each word.

Orthography ____________________


p t k sb d g z
m n N Sw y x Z
r c f hl j v T
a i o ue E Y O
The griuskant script has 32 alphabet symbols: with 24 consonants and 8 vowels.
Griuskant uses its own alphabetic conscript that has a regular phonemic orthography, which means that 1 grapheme corresponds to exactly 1 phoneme. This script has components of only straight lines without curves or dots. It is written from left to right, downwards. The table above shows the romanised transcriptions.

Grammar ____________________

The parts of speech of griuskant include nouns, verbs, adjectives and particles. The affixations encourage interconversions of word classes with suffixes, while morphological derivations are done with prefixes. The affixes can usually be re-used across classes: There are passive nouns, passive verbs and passive adjectives, eventhough such voice category is often related to verbs.

Nouns appearing as core words are able to add these suffixes.
The empty box suffix does nothing, whereby it becomes a process or abstraction noun when interrupted by an imperative or passive suffix respectively.

Empty boxo
Collective plurals

Verbs appearing as core words are able to have these suffixes.
The 3 triggers themselves must be crafted from a stable combination of susceptible affixes.

Verb classa
Passive voicen
Circumstantial voiced
Phasal TAMt
Imperative moodr

Adjectives appearing as core words have the +i suffix.
Adverbs are considered as adjectives in griuskant.

Anything that is not a noun, verb or adjective is a particle in griuskant.
This class includes prepositions and conjunctions, as well as bound and unbound particles.

SVOI structure is regularly used. In the passive voice, OV(S)(I) structure is used. With the circumstantial voice, the IV structure is utilised.

Vocabulary ____________________

Here is a griuskant passage, with the romanised transcription and its translation. Audio sample.

Esk pEda Zer xeka SaigauE rOtzEv Tak puaTai stomsdratE merg,, vaZ sevi ovuS. muisk drat puaTa, Esk kanS odyua spEZa ZEd rEs ijjiska Esk un ciaza iuz EskE SaihEm. uts Ze aurYk Zuica. rEs Zuica vEZ vEZon Zed erounde Eskes Sur SoitSira, un rEs jiska. rEs jiska, kon vEZ peSdutnadtulg Zed az iuk skarg, ur kon vEZ vEZon Zed Esk kanS oSefa. oc Esk kOn oSefa vEZon Zed Ze groug Zuica, rEs kYn az xoSoSef ur jefnegriound ciTsia. Esk Sira Ze ; Ze xoS skisan Zer yuhi dEga detxoS. un aurYk oT jiska un gauska.

* aesk paeda zher xeka shaigauae roetzaev thak puathai stomsdratae merg,, vazh veyeti ovush. muisk drat puatha, aesk kansh odyua spaezha zhaed raes ijjiska aesk un ciaza aeskae shaihaem. uts zhe auryk zhuica. raes zhuica vaezh vaezhon zhed erounde aeskes shur shoitshira, un raes jiska. raes jiska, kon vaezh peshdutnadtulg zhed az iuk skarg, ur kon vaezh vaezhon zhed aesk kansh oshefa. oc aesk koen oshefa vaezhon zhed zhe groug zhuica, raes kyn az xoshoshef ur jefnegriound cithia. aesk shira zhe ; zhe xosh skisan zher yuhi daega detxosh. un auryk oth jiska un gauska.

* I sit and write today's entry under the canopy of a swaying palm tree. What a tender illusion. As the palm sways, I can't help but think it is observing me and reacting to my moods. Somehow this island lives. It lives in a way we human inhabitants are not yet aware of, and it watches. It watches, perhaps through sensory organs in the plants, perhaps in ways I can't imagine. If I could imagine how this place lives, it would be the imaginings of a dream or a fairy tale gone awry. I do know this--as this dream continues, it is quickly becoming a nightmare. And still the island watches and waits.

Links ____________________

Learn griuskant with this test prep style textbook. Also on Lulu. Student dictionary in the shop.
Translated storybooks: vegler un roeter thiafbruafen [1]. fraeizhyehkuthplud [2]. sougel ual [3]. naib un er [4]. toekam [5].
General fiction: daezhkiroe [1]. deg gaeirae [2]. sulepstevo riounds [3]. zhevesmoezon riounds [4]. narou lash [5]. Web-to-print: vurshzuik riounds. iantklez riounds.

School syllabus: Bilingual guide. Sentence bank. Intermediate. Advanced.
Auxiliary study: skuipzag. aronszag. zhuwep. perbduyaeij. thaenvaeron.
Songs: tibhaulen. arendaens. haezhgeth. eshpaerj. naertko un ploubgysh (audio).

Various griuskant images and their translations. Collection of pictures.
Discussion at the CBB forum.

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