The tracks shown here are arranged according to RZD number, which is an internal codenumber that I use for my songs. It is not necessarily the same order as they are released chronologically. All tracks are currently available for streaming on Soundcloud and Youtube. I am not in a band at the moment, though I will still upload content semi-regularly.

Forgotten Disarray

The first album was completed in 2013. It was released under the fictitious band named Ascension Drive, which is said to have 5 members of a typical metal band. It blends the genre of core, metal and soundtrack, using only virtual instruments. This isn't a themed album, but it does include characters, storylines and multiple settings from the same universe: Use your imagination!

1Returning to the Sacred Lands4:23
2This is the Time3:39
4Miles Diary4:32
5Take Away Your Sight7:25
6Departing Ritual5:05
7Getting Older Terrifies Him4:12
10Forgotten Disarray8:33

Transcribed notation is available here.

Faraway Sands

The second album was completed in 2018. It extends the soundscapes from the first album, while improving upon song cohesion, stabilising the balance of instruments, and of course, including more usages of counter-melodies.

12Song I've Heard Before4:15
15World's Edge5:24
16Swinging from Trees5:15
17Rocket Fuel5:30
18Vestige Overlook5:34
19Anthem of Faraway Sands1:12
20Faraway Sands7:28

Transcribed notation is available here.

Deep Exploration

This album features compositions that are made exclusively for Explorchestra, which is a student-run organisation based in Binghamton University, New York. It displays a more soundtrack feel for a variety of instruments instead of a band setting. Some of these are even performed live, and you can watch them on their youtube channel. This project is still ongoing, with the self-challenge of a new song each semester.

21King's Arrival [LIVE]4:42
22Cafe near the Crag and the Brew [LIVE]4:57
23Ministry of Disfavourment3:47
24Eighth Derivative [LIVE]5:55
25Exalt the Cube4:42
26Symbolic Chamber [LIVE]5:10
27Prismmaker Lens5:44
28Deep Exploration ft. Rogue, MLi and Dinezsaur [LIVE]7:52
29Miner's Song ft. MPStudios and jamesmayr5:07
30In progress...

Your music is amazing! Can I use your music for personal projects or make covers of your songs?
Sure! You don't need to ask for any permission.

How did you make these songs?
I mainly use FL Studio as the DAW. The virtual instruments are included in Roland TTS-1, which can be obtained from Cakewalk. Other software that I use are Powertab and Audacity.

I think you are an awesome guy to hang out with! How can I contact you for collaboration or other fun stuff?
Add me on social media. Also, I am active on some gaming forums, so if you want to have a chat, that's probably the easiest way to get to me.

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